Around The World Year: Recipes

Stein’s foodie weekend in Reykjavik
Greenlandic food:

Chicago hot dog
Pumpkin pie
Texas oven-roasted beef brisket
Apple pie
Guacamole: avocado, salt, garlic powder, lime, and cilantro. sometimes i’ll add onions and tomatoes.
Vegetarian stuffing:
Shoofly pie:

Warm cheese dip: Melt cheddar cheese slices with some cream and taco sauce on very low heat. Enjoy with nachos, on tacos/fajitas/burritos/enchiladas or with french fries, baked potato or what you like.

Creole food

USA recipes submitted in the Facebook goup

Roti canai
Dhal curry
Bubur pulut hitam
Kaya – coconut jam
Ox Penis soup
Malaysian Kuih

Video on food with Gordon Ramsay
Chef Wan
Malaysian recipes
Malaysian cuisine
Random Malaysian Food Facts


banitsa2Bulgarian Rice Pilaf-style vegetable rice with yoghurt sauce
Banitsa Bulgarian filo pastry bake
Agnessa Bulgarian cookies
Ljutenica Popular vegetable spread
Ajvar Traditional red pepper spread
Tarator Cold soup eaten in summer
Shopska Salata Bulgarian salad
Courgette Rice
Kozunak Bulgarian Easter bread
Tikvenik Bulgarian sweet  pumpkin pie


Jollof Rice Nigerian Rice (for an authentic recipe do NOT use Jamie Oliver’s version)
23 Nigerian foods the whole world should know and love (by Buzzfeed)


Kannebular Cinnamon Rolls
Swedish Chocolate Balls No bake cake
Semlor Cardamom Buns
Kladdkaka Swedish chocolate goo cake
Princess Tarta Swedish Princess Cake
10 Things To Know About Swedish Food


Tarte Tatin Caramelised fruit cake
Gateau au Yaourt Yoghurt cake


Chinese-tea-eggs-copyTea Eggs (Marbled Eggs) Eggs boiled in tea and spices
Chinese Spicy Mashed Potatoes Lao Nai Yang Yu
Braised Pork Rice  Taiwan’s signature dish
Chinese Dumplings Chinese-style ravioli
Gong Bao Chicken Spicy chicken stir-fry from Yunnan
Bubble Tea/Boba Tea Tea with chewy bits from Taiwan
Sweet Potato Balls Chinese sweet treat
Chinese Sticky Rice Cake Chinese sweet treat
Taro Ball with Red Bean Soup Chinese sweet treat


Oznei Haman (Haman’s Ears)    Jewish poppy seed cookies
Israeli Shakshuka Breakfast dish with tomatoes, red peppers and eggs
Baba Ganoush (Yotam Ottolenghi)   Baked Aubergine mousse dish
Hummus 3 Ways
Limonana Israeli mint lemonade
Café Hafuch Upside down coffee


Spätzli Easy homemade noodles
Birchermüesli Fruity breakfast cereal yoghurt dish
Cheese Fondue
Toblerone Mousse
Dampfnudeln Sweet bread with vanilla sauce
Älplermagronen Macaroni and cheese with a twist


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